Dataset: IMOS NRS mooring network data - Yongala NRS Buoy Chlorophyll @4.1m Realtime - From 01 Nov 2010 To 24 Jan 2011


'Australian National Moorings Network' (ANMN) is a facility of the Australian 'Integrated Marine Observing System' (IMOS) project. This data set was collected by the ANMN sub-facility 'National Reference Systems' (NRS) and contains data from the following sensor deployments:

Instrumentation was deployed for measuring Chlorophyll at 4.1m from 01 Nov 2010 through to 24 Jan 2011, and the installation was located at/on Yongala NRS Buoy Latitude:-19.3037166595459 - Longitude:147.62045288085938. Sensor deployed was a Wetlabs Water Quality Monitor manufactured by Wetlabs, model WQM.

General Information