Dataset: Carbon isotope (13-C) values for 5 different foraminiferal species down the core of GC12, collected from the Capricorn Channel


A gravity core (GC12) was collected from a depth of 990.5 mbsl within the Capricorn Channel, southern Great Barrier Reef (GBR). 13-C values were recorded for 5 foraminiferal species through the core, with results varying considerably throughout the last 30kyr. The 13-C values of the benthic Cibicidoides spp. are the lowest, whilst those for the planktonic species are comparable, once correlated for their vital effects (except Globorotalia truncatulinoides because no correction for vital effects is available). It is apparent from the 13-C values that there are 3 main 13-C phases during the glacial/interglacial transition: Glacial, Deglaciation and Holocene phases.

General Information