Dataset: ENACT - ENhanced ocean data Assimilation and ClimaTe prediction - Ocean reanalysis dataset 1962-2004


The ENACT (Enhanced ocean data Assimilation and ClimaTe prediction) datasets are global ocean reanalysis datasets created by assimilating timely observational data into a numerical ocean circulation model (HOPE-E). ENACT was created as a part of the European Commission Framework 5 project motivated by the requirement to provide a detailed estimate of the ocean state at a particular time, providing gridded temperature, salinity, and velocity information. The CSIRO version of the ENACT dataset is a concatenation of the individual monthly variables Potential temperature, Seawater x-velocity & Seawater y-velocity into single netcdf files for the time period 1962-2004 with a spatial resolution of 1.0° x 1.0° at 33 depths. It has also been processed to include calculated anomaly, climatology, and seasonal forms of this data.

General Information