Dataset: IMOS - ANMN Queensland and Northern Australia, Kimberley 200m (KIM200) Mooring Platform


The Kimberley 200m mooring (IMOS platform code KIM200) is part of the Kimberley array. It was initially deployed on the 02/02/2012 at (15.76 S, 122.86 E). The site depth is 200m. This mooring array was discontinued, and this mooring removed in August 2014.

Mooring Designs replicate where possible similar instrumentation to the Shelf ITF moorings. Observations of currents, temperature and salinity are collected throughout the array with the coastal mooring also observing optical water quality parameters of fluorescence and turbidity.

The Kimberley array, in combination with the Pilbara array and the ITF Array will help determine the influence of the Indonesian Throughflow on the currents along the Northwest shelf and as well as processed driving cross shelf exchange.

The Kimberly line will help document the southward flowing seasonal Holloway shelf current (thought to be connected to the Indonesian Throughflow). The Kimberly coast is characterised by high freshwater inputs, leading to a cross shelf density gradient. The cross shelf arrays will allow variability in the gradient of density and the resultant gravitational currents to be determined.

General Information