Dataset: Geological Survey of Queensland Cooper formation thickness grids v01



This dataset was supplied to the Bioregional Assessment Programme by a third party and is presented here as originally supplied. Metadata was not provided and has been compiled by the Bioregional Assessment Programme based on the known details at the time of acquisition.

This dataset contains gridded data showing the formation thickness of the QLD sections of the Patchawarra Formation, Toolachee Formation and Nappamerri Group, and the coal thickness of the Patchawarra Formation and Toolachee Formation.

This dataset has been provided to the BA Programme for use within the programme only. Third parties should contact Geological Survey of Queensland.

Dataset History

This dataset are the digital data from the report:

Draper, J.J. (ed.), 2002, Geology of the Cooper and Eromanga Basins, Queensland, Queensland Minerals and Energy Review Series, Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines, 1v, 85p., 93 figs. (Refid: 13496)

Dataset Citation

Geological Survey of Queensland (2015) Geological Survey of Queensland Cooper formation thickness grids v01. Bioregional Assessment Source Dataset. Viewed 27 November 2017,

General Information