Dataset: Australia's Maritime Jurisdiction around Australia 2014


Map showing Australia's Maritime Jurisdiction around the Australian Continent, not including Cocos Island, subantarctic territories or the AAT. Updated in June 2014 from "Australia's Maritime Jurisdiction around Australia" GeoCat 69122 to conform with "Australian Maritime Boundaries 2014" data by Geoscience Australia.
One of the 27 constituent maps of the "Australia's Maritime Jurisdiction Map Series" (GeoCat 71789).
Depicting Australia's continental shelf as proclaimed in the "Seas and Submerged Lands (Limits of Continental Shelf) Proclamation 2012" established under the "Seas and Submerged Lands Act 1973". Background bathymetric image is derived from a combination of the 2009 9 arc second bathymetric and topographic grid by GA and a grid by Smith and Sandwell, 1997. Background land imagery derived from Blue Marble, NASA's Earth Observatory.
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