Dataset: Temperature - Salinity distributions / CTD data at sampling stations on a transect between Red Point and Bristol Point, Jervis Bay


This dataset is a component of the 'Jervis Bay Baseline Studies' project conducted by the Department of Defence, CSIRO and the Australian Defence Force Academy.

Approximately once per month between 1988-1991, temperature-salinity surveys were conducted on various transects within Jervis Bay and out across the continental shelf. This record describes CTD data from the N-S transect, running from Red Point in the north, to Bristol Point in the south. Measurements were made using a Neil Brown 'Smart' CTD. On each day of sampling, ~10 stations were chosen on the transect, with the CTD recorder measuring salinity, temperature and sigma-T through the water column.

For each day of sampling two resources are provided in a compressed (zipped) folder: 1) An excel document providing details of sampling locations and the raw CTD data collected, and 2) A map showing the location of each sampling station. For a number of sampling days a third resource is offered, providing vertically averaged CTD data over 4m depth bins.

This is one of nine child records that relate to the parent, 13391430-2ae8-11dd-a735-00188b4c0af8. A pdf outlining the structure and hierarchy of all metadata records relating to this project is available to download through this record. Also available is a pdf of a published working paper documenting this experiment and the results.

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