Dataset: Windmill Islands 1:10000 Jokulhlaup Event near Casey winter 1985 GIS Dataset


This dataset is one of a number of datasets containing geomorphological data relating to the Windmill Islands, Wilkes Land, Antarctica. The dataset comprises of a digital single point coverage of a Jokulhlaup event near Casey Station (ie outburst of water from beneath a cold ice-cap terminus on Law Dome). This event was observed and documented by Dr Ian D Goodwin. The Jokulhlaup is represented as a point which is linked to a separate digital database (ie attribute tables) containing additional information. From the results of oxygen-isotope and solute analysis, the water was found to have originated as basal melt water. It contained a high total solute load with a dominant enrichment in alkalis, indicating that it has been squeezed through subglacial sediments for an extensive time period. This event represents one of the first known recordings in Antarctica and provides further insight into determining the subglacial hydrological regime beneath the Law Dome ice cap.

General Information