Dataset: WAMSI Node 3.1.1b and 3.2.2 - Ecosystem Effects of Fishing: finescale coral reef fish surveys Ningaloo Reef


From 2006 to 2007 at northern Ningaloo Reef, stereo Baited Remote Underwater Video (stereo-BRUVs) and stereo Diver Operated Video (stereo-DOVs) were used to measure fish assemblages across shallow coral reef lagoon habitats. Four areas were identified including Osprey and Mandu Sanctuary, and Osprey and Mandu Reference Areas which were studied with stereo-BRUV and stereo DOV transects, during two successive summer and winter periods. Each time, six stereo BRUVs and 5 stereo-DOV transects were collected from within 6 coral reef lagoon habitats at 2 well established sanctuary zones and adjacent areas. The video footage was used to create the raw abundance and length data of different fish species.

General Information