Dataset: IMOS FAIMMS Sensor Network data - Orpheus Island Relay Pole 2 Light - From 24 Oct 2011 To 11 Sep 2017


The 'Facility for Automated Intelligent Monitoring of Marine Systems' (FAIMMS) is a facility of the Australian 'Integrated Marine Observing System' (IMOS) project. This data set was collected by the FAIMMS Great Barrier Reef Sensor Network and contains data from the following sensor deployments:

Instrumentation was deployed for measuring PAR from 24 Oct 2011 through to 11 Sep 2017, and the installation was located at/on Orpheus Island Relay Pole 2 Latitude:-18.56747 - Longitude:146.48827. Sensor deployed was a Licor LI-192SA Quantum Sensor (PAR Sensor) manufactured by LI-COR Inc., model LI-192SA. The following comment was recorded regarding this deployment - 'added by auto deploy'.

General Information