Dataset: Southern Surveyor Voyage SS 02/90 Biological Data Overview


This record is an overview entry for biological data collected on Southern Surveyor cruise SS 02/90. This cruise took place in North West Shelf waters during 20 September - 17 October 1990, under the leadership of Keith Sainsbury and Wade Whitelaw. Biological data collected on this cruise include hydrological, length frequency for 15 species of fish, and otoliths for 4 of the major species, squid and cuttlefish biologicals and specimens (for JCUNQ), numerous fish specimens for taxonomic identification, sediment and infauna samples, and video/camera images of the trawls. Please note: This metadata record is a preliminary entry derived from information in the cruise plan and/or cruise report. Individual data types - which may span several cruises - will be indexed separately within this metadata system in due course. - Biological Field Data Sheets recorded during this voyage have been scanned to PDF, and are available (to CSIRO Staff) on-line. See the details link under "Stored Media List" (below).

General Information