Dataset: BOM AUSGRID - Bureau Of Meteorology, South Eastern Queensland Gridded Rainfall datasets .05º - 1961 to 2000


The Australian Bureau Of Meteorology - Australian Gridded Datasets (BOM - Ausgrid) for the period from Jan 1961 until Dec 2000. The Ausgrid datasets are created by taking observational data from approximately 821 stations positioned across Australia and interpolating this to form a gridded dataset of the required variable for the required resolution. The CSIRO Archive contains the daily atmospheric variable Rainfall at .05° x .05° resolution for the region of South Eastern Queensland in Australia. The original Bureau of Meteorology Rainfall daily files for the whole Australia region have been processed to include only data for the South East Queensland region and have been concatenated into two forms. Single contiguous annual files (~14.8 MB), with 40 files totaling approximately 591 MB, and also as a single file (~591 MB also) for the whole period 1961-2000, in netcdf format.

General Information