Dataset: North West Margin Transects : Cruise Proposal


The North West Margin Transects Cruise is part of a program being undertaken by AGSO to determine the structural architecture of the north-western margin of Australia and the influence of structuring on the location, migration and trapping ofhydrocarbons in the region. An important aspect of this program is the acquisition ofa series of full margin 'dip' transects extending from unrifted cratonic basement tobeyond the continent-ocean boundary, and at least two 'strike' transects that willextend along the full length of the shelf from the eastern Timor Sea to North WestCape. The major objective of the proposed cruise is to extend previous AGSO deepseismic surveys across the Browse (Survey 119), offshore Canning (SNOWS-3/Survey 120) and northern Carnarvon Basins (SNOWS-/Survey 101, SNOWS-2/Survey 110) to complete these margin transects. Specific objectives of theproposed survey are:
*Determine the regional structural framework of the Scott Plateau area and itsrelationship to adjacent features such as the Argo Abyssal Plain, the BrowseBasin and the Rowley Sub-Basin of the offshore Canning Basin;
*Determine the regional structural framework of the Exmouth Plateau and itsrelationship to adjacent features such as the Barrow-Dampier Sub-basin, and theArgo and Gascoyne Abyssal Plains.
*Define the broad deep-crustal structure of the region and develop a modelexplaining the tectonic, subsidence and thermal history of the Scott Plateau andthe Exmouth Plateau in relation to the development of the continental margin andadjacent ocean basins.
*Assess the effects of the deep crustal structures and their reactivation phases onthe development of known petroleum accumulations.

To address these objectives it is proposed that RV Rig Seismic be used to acquireabout 3276 km of deep crustal (16 second record length) multichannel seismic andother geophysical data along 9 transects across the outer margins of the Browse,offshore Canning and northern Carnarvon Basins. The survey will tie into the 1991SNOWS-1 (101), 1992 SNOWS-2 (110), 1993 Browse Basin (119) and SNOWS-3(120) surveys.

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