Dataset: Temperature - Salinity distributions / CTD data within Jervis Bay and out across the shelf: 1991


This dataset is a component of the 'Jervis Bay Baseline Studies' project conducted by the Department of Defence, CSIRO and the Australian Defence Force Academy.

Approximately once per month between 1988-1991, temperature-salinity surveys were conducted within Jervis Bay and out across the continental shelf. Measurements were made using a Neil Brown 'Smart' CTD. On each day of sampling, ~6 stations were chosen across the shelf, with the CTD recorder measuring salinity, temperature and sigma-T through the water column.

This record describes CTD data collected in 1991. For each day of sampling three resources are provided in the compressed (zipped) folder: 1) A map showing the location of each sampling station, 2) A word document providing vertically averaged CTD data over depth bins of 4m, and 3) An excel file providing the raw CTD data collected, as well as coordinates of the stations.

This is one of nine child records that relate to the parent, 13391430-2ae8-11dd-a735-00188b4c0af8. A pdf outlining the structure and hierarchy of all metadata records relating to this project is available to download through this record. Also available is a pdf of a published working paper documenting this experiment and the results.

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