Dataset: Areas of exposed rock and blue ice in the Australian Antarctic Territory digitised from satellite images


The Australian Antarctic Data Centre digitises topographic features from satellite images as required for various applications. These features include areas of exposed rock and areas of blue ice.

As at August 2014 digitising had been done for the following areas:

exposed rock - southern Prince Charles Mountains, the south-eastern part of the Amery Ice Shelf, Grove Mountains and the coastline between the Amery Ice Shelf and the Polar Times Glacier;

blue ice - Prince Charles Mountains

The digitised exposed rock and blue ice data is available for download as shapefiles. Also available in this format are the mapping extents for the digitising. See the Related URLs below.

The data conform to the SCAR Feature Catalogue which includes data quality information. Each feature has a Qinfo number which, when entered at the 'Search datasets and quality' tab, provides data quality information for the feature including details about the satellite image from which the feature was digitised.

General Information