Dataset: Windmill Islands 1:10000 Profiles and Transects GIS Dataset


This dataset is one of a number of datasets containing geomorphological data relating to the Windmill Islands, Wilkes Land, Antarctica. The dataset comprises of a digital point coverage which is linked to a seperate digital data base (ie attribute tables)in which attributes are assigned to topographic profiles and transects and to the respective samples represented along these profiles. The coverage has been built for lines and points and attribute tables profile.aat and profile.pat assigned the following items respectively :

profile_name, descript, descript1, descript2, descript3 and profile.pat :

profile_name, site, s_elev, br_elev, s_elev_source, br_elev_source, s_elev_qual, br_elev_qual. Does not conform to Geoscience Australia's Data Dictionary as too detailed.

These data were compiled by Dr Ian D Goodwin from his own field notes and from the records of other workers. See the linked document at the URL below for further information.

General Information