Dataset: IMOS - ABOS Facility Southern Ocean Time Series (SOTS) Subantarctic Zone Sediment Trap Moorings (SAZOTS) (deployments from 1998)


Sediment traps (IMOS platform code:SAZOTS) are cones which intercept and store falling marine particles in collection cups. The particles consist of a range of material including phytoplankton, zooplankton, faecal pellets, and dust. Each trap collects a time series of samples. The sediment traps are from deep moorings in the Southern Ocean, typically at 47S, 54S, and 61S and at around 140 degrees East. Each mooring typically has 2-3 traps between 800m and 3800m below sea-level.

The samples are size fractionated into <1mm and >1mm fractions using a 1mm sieve. Various chemical analyses and observations have been made on the <1mm fraction. Analysis methods are described in the attached document "SAZ PROJECT MOORED SEDIMENT TRAPS: RESULTS OF THE 1997-1998 DEPLOYMENTS".

Photographs of the >1mm fraction from 1998 to 2012 are available here for download. After processing, data from IMOS deployments will be made available.

Preliminary biogeochemical data for the sediment traps on the 2008/09 mooring are available. These preliminary data are indicative only and have not been quality controlled. Analysis of the samples is ongoing. A full dataset for this sediment trap deployment will be made available through the IMOS Ocean Portal when analysis is complete.

General Information