Dataset: Mybatrachid Frog Phylogenetic Endemism 0.2 Degree Grid


The Australian Natural Heritage Assessment Tool (ANHAT) is a map-supported database developed by the Department's Wildlife Heritage and Marine Division. It helps identify and prioritise areas for their natural heritage significance, focusing on biodiversity. Significance is determined based on rigorous comparisons of specific natural values, and ANHAT is an important tool to aid an evolutionary understanding of Australia's biodiversity.

ANHAT phylogenetic endemism analysis for myobatrachid frogs. This shows a phylogenetic endemism score for each 0.2 degree grid square for myobatrachid frogs.CC - Attribution (CC BY)
This data has been licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence. More information can be found at
Suited for use at regional, state or national level only. Data are too coarse for use at a local level

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