Dataset: Soela Voyage SO 5/88 Biological Data Overview


This record is an overview entry for biological data collected on Soela cruise SO 5/88. This cruise took place in the North West Shelf during 16 September - 14 October 1988, under the leadership of Keith Sainsbury. Biological data collected on this cruise include demersal fish and invertebrate samples from 105 stations, with up to 100 species being caught per 30 min trawl with the greatest diversity occurring at the shallower stations. 35 mm camera photography of 85 trawls including some video photography camera trials. Length frequency data for 14 species of fish (see taxonomy keywords). Otoliths and stomach contents for 4 of the main species (L. choerorynchus, S. undosquamis, N. furcosus and L. sebae) for ageing and dietary studies. Data from various fish traps and bait type trials. 3 hydrographic transects were completed with the submersible data logger (SDL) and sediment grab samples for organic nutrient content analysis. Over 300 taxa of fish, mollusc and crustacea specimens including photographs for the I. S. R. Munro fish collection in Hobart. Acoustic data from the region. Please note: This metadata record is a preliminary entry derived from information in the cruise plan and/or cruise report. Individual data types - which may span several cruises - will be indexed separately within this metadata system in due course. - Biological Field Data Sheets recorded during this voyage have been scanned to PDF, and are available (to CSIRO Staff) on-line. See the details link under "Stored Media List" (below).

General Information