Dataset: Effects of periodic trampling on rocky intertidal algal beds: Hormosira banksii cover


This study examines the effects of trampling on rocky intertidal platforms dominated by the brown algae Hormosira banksii. This dataset gives the percent cover of Hormosira banskii in response to four levels of experimental trampling applied over six summers, between 1991 and 1996, within Point Nepean National Park, Victoria. Two sites were located at Cheviot Beach (Harry's Pool, Cheviot Mid) and one at Grenade Range (Grenade Range). The percent cover of Hormosira banskii in each experimental strip of shoreline was assessed bi-annually for six years. Hormosira banksii was affected by trampling but the response varied with location. At Cheviot beach periodic disturbance produced a pulse response in the cover of Hormosira, but responses to a given level of trampling varied among years. At Grenade Range there was little recovery between trampling periods after two years and by this time Hormosira was almost eliminated at the highest level of trampling.

General Information