Dataset: Galilee Subregion whole potential assessment extent v02



This dataset was derived by the Bioregional Assessment Programme. The parent datasets are identified in the Lineage field in this metadata statement. The processes undertaken to produce this derived dataset are described in the History field in this metadata statement.

This datasets contains a polygon Feature Class showing the combined groundwater and surface water potential assessment extents (PAE) of the Galilee subregion as a single whole subregion PAE. This PAE indicates areas where both groundwater and surface water could potentially be affected by CSG and coal mining within the Galilee subregion.

Dataset History

This dataset was created by merging the polygon features; Galilee Groundwater Potential Assessment Extent v02 (GUID: bec18bf8-fedc-4290-8008-68b97a76247f) and Galilee Surface Water Potential Assessment Extent v02 (GUID: ff45f897-f5b9-4f0f-b4b1-41fa2d337dc7) into a single polygon Feature Class.

Dataset Citation

Bioregional Assessment Programme (2013) Galilee Subregion whole potential assessment extent v02. Bioregional Assessment Derived Dataset. Viewed 12 December 2018,

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