Dataset: Larsemann Hills - Mapping from Landsat 7 imagery captured January 2000


The datum of this dataset is as described in GIS dataset AAT_Coastline_Landsat7.

The Landsat 7 image (2002-01-30 Path 126 Row 109) georeferencing was checked using Ground Control Points derived from a survey report prepared by Hydro Tasmania for the Mapping Officer of the AAD, summer 2000/2001.

The Ground Control Point locations were found to be within the image pixel resolution. The georeferencing of the image could not be improved on.

Therefore no transformation, scaling or rotation was applied to the Landsat 7 image.

gis136 (Larsemann Hills - mapping from Landsat 7 data captured January 2000) data were merged with the newly mapped Larsemann Hills aerial photogrammetric plotting dataset gis135.

A report on the project is available at the url given below.

General Information