Dataset: QLD Geological Digital Data - QLD Geology, Structural Framework, November 2012



This dataset and its metadata statement were supplied to the Bioregional Assessment Programme by a third party and are presented here as originally supplied.

The Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ) has released this Queensland Geology Digital Data update to replace the previous 2008 Geoldata release. Spatial and Graphic Services within GSQ have undertaken a major redevelopment to migrate existing data to an Enterprise Geodatabase. Our ArcInfo workstation platform has been retired. This has allowed us to utilise the inherent data validation, integrity checking and relationship features of the geodatabase to provide improved data quality.

As this is a major milestone, as well as making the data available on this DVD, we are incorporating the Detailed, Regional and Queensland Geology polygonised vector data into the Interactive Resource and Tenure Maps (IRTM) system for display, query and download of ESRI shape files.

Along with new project work, GSQ will continue a maintenance program of the enterprise Geodatabase to edge-match, correct topology and complete a State-wide polygonised vector best scale dataset. It is proposed that data releases will become more frequent. When changes are considered substantial by the Geoscience Manager, digital data will be extracted and a new Geoldata DVD released.

This DVD data was extracted from the feature datasets in the GSQ Geology Enterprise Geodatabase in early November 2011.

This edition provides new and updated geology over the North-West Queensland Mineral and Energy Province, Hodgkinson Province, South-East Queensland, North Connors Province and Drummond Basin. Seamless data is provided within each of these areas and topological errors have been corrected for NWQMEP and Drummond Basin, while validation in other areas is ongoing and will be available in future releases. For the NWQMEP, Georgetown and Charters Towers GIS areas solid geology interpretation has been completed and is provided as an additional dataset.

This edition also includes the August 2012 release of the new Queensland Structural Framework and Queensland Geology.

Dataset History

GEOLDATA for detailed geology was in many cases previously compiled from field mapping over 1:100 000 map extents. These were completed by different geologists sometimes over many field seasons, with different interpretations. The DVD 1 detailed geology dataset has been extracted from the Geodatabase using a GDA94 standard 1:250 000 map tile extent. The DVD 2 detailed geology dataset has been provided as a statewide extract. Edge matching between the 100K tile edges within this 250K extent may still be in progress. The geological data will be seamless where the field mapping was completed for a specific project extent e.g. Yarrol Province.

The original data capture over most of the 100K tile extents, was compiled based on the Australian Geodetic Datum 1966. This data was projected to GDA94 for inclusion in the geodatabase.

The data required to be captured for a specific 100K tile based on AGD66, will not be exactly the same as that needed to cover a 100K tile extent based on GDA94. Currently, there may still exist in a few situations, a 'gap' in geological information between adjoining sheets at the outer edges of project areas. These 'gaps' may occur where older project areas were field mapped and captured for ADG66 map production, and they abut more recent project areas which were field mapped and captured for GDA94 map production. Edge mapping adjustments are to be made.

Similarly GEOLDATA for regional datasets were previously compiled from 1:500 000 or 1:1000 000 hard copy maps which were based on the Australian Geodetic Datum 1966 and so their map boundary latitude and longitudes were derived from that AGD66 Datum.

The digital data captured from these maps was projected to GDA94 for migration to the Geodatabase, and so the GDA94 lat/long extents of the datasets will not coincide with the same lat and long values of the original AGD66 drawn map graticule.

Data matching between Regional Datasets will seldom occur.

Dataset Citation

Geological Survey of Queensland (2012) QLD Geological Digital Data - QLD Geology, Structural Framework, November 2012. Bioregional Assessment Source Dataset. Viewed 10 December 2018,

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