Dataset: Ocean Heat Content (OHC) anomalies for 1950 to 2003


This data file contains Ocean heat content (OHC) anomalies and associated errors between 1950 and 2003, based on the enact 3 data set with Wijffels (2008) fall rate corrections applied to the eXpendable BathyThermograph (XBT). There are two files, one with yearly averages, the other with three-year running means. The Units are: Joules X 1e-22 (i.e. multiply the numbers in the file by 1e22 to get OHC in Joules). For the errors, One-sigma error in the same units as the variables. and the period is 1950 to 2003, relative to 1961 (zero-crossing), the yearly averages are averages over a calendar year. The time in the file is the centre of the year averaged over. Three-year means are also centred on the time shown. and the depth-integrations are 0-100 m, 0-300 m, and 0-700 m. The three-year running means are as plotted in Domingues (2008), and are recommended as being the best to use.

General Information