Dataset: Biology of Southern Ocean squid, ecological importance and potential commercial implications - a preliminary assessment


Metadata record for data from ASAC Project 1242
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---- Public Summary from Project ----
This project will undertake preliminary assessment of Southern Ocean squid stocks. Squids will be collected by jigging and light trapping off research vessels in the region of Macquarie Island and other selected locations where the opportunity arises. Little is known about squid biology in the Pacific and Indian sectors of the Southern Ocean. This project will help to provide initial basic biological data on the squid species present.

18 squid we caught on-board the Aurora Australis in November, 2001.

All were caught 200-300 kms south of Tasmania, by a hand-held squid jig, at latitude 47 South at a depth of 1m.

All samples caught on the 5/11/01 have the code QA/AA/80/01. There was no code written for others caught on 3/11/01.

The fields in this dataset are:

Mantle length (mm)
Weight (g)
Gonad weight (g)

See also the metadata record for ASAC project 1340 (ASAC_1340), Squid in the antarctic and subantarctic, their biology and ecology.

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