Dataset: Tide Gauge Records, Davis, Australian Antarctic Territory


Tides are measured using a submerged pressure type gauge secured in a heavy concrete mooring at Davis in 7 metres of seawater.
Tidal records are retrieved from the gauge using an inductive loop lowered through a hole in the ice hence the gauge has been undisturbed since it was deployed.

Documentation dated 2001-03-07
Davis Submerged Tide Gauge

The gauge used at Davis was designed in 1991/2 by Platypus Engineering, Hobart, Tasmania . It was intended to be submerged in about 7 metres of water in a purpose made concrete mooring in the shape of a truncated pyramid. The gauge measures pressure using a Paroscientific Digiquartz Pressure Transducer with a full scale pressure of 30 psi absolute. The accuracy of the transducer is 1 in 10,000 of full scale over the calibrated temperature. The overall accuracy of the system is better than +/- 3 mm for a known water density. Data is retrieved from the gauges by lowering a coil assembly on the end of a cable over a projecting knob on the top of the gauge and by use of an interface unit, a serial connection can be established to the gauge. Time setting and data retrieval can be then achieved. One of these of these gauges was deployed at Davis in early 1993 in a mooring in ???? bay. Data has been retrieved from these gauges irregularly since then. The records are complete since deployment except for a few days in late 1995. The loss was caused by a fault in the software which allows directory entries to overwrites data when the directory memory has been filled. Conversion of raw data to tidal records is done as detailed in document DATAFORMAT1.DOC . As the current gauge is expected to require a new battery soon, a new mooring has been placed close to the original. A new gauge is at Davis ready to be deployed as time permits.

Levelling of the gauge at Davis was done by installing a temporary pressure type gauge in shallow water and recording sealevel for 10 days. The temporary gauge was precisely levelled to a permanent benchmark. The temporary gauge was then calibrated using a known height of seawater from the bay at the same temperature as the water in the bay. The density of the seawater was accurately measured. This work, in conjunction with the tidal records from the submerged gauge have enabled a MSL for Davis to be established. Permanent Tide Gauge. No suitable sites for an Aquatrak type gauge at Davis have been identified.

Documentation dated 2008-10-17
There are two submerged tide gauges at Davis. One is soon to be removed to have its battery replaced.
These gauges record pressure and temperature values. The download software only formats these records to produce 10 minute average presure values (hPa) and unscaled temperature values.

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