Dataset: Huon Estuary Study 1996/1998 - Physical Snapshot Survey Data


The Huon Estuary Study was undertaken by CSIRO Marine Research between 1996 and 1998. The Huon Estuary is in South Eastern Tasmania. This record references the data from the Physical Snapshot (PS) surveys. See the Documentation Link below in this record for an overview of all the surveys undertaken in this survey.The Physical Snapshot surveys were carried out on the day before a number of the Spatial (HES) surveys as follows: PS01 was undertaken directly before HES4 PS02 before HES5 PS03 before HES6 PS04 before HES9 and PS05 before HES10. These surveys were a combination of quickly deployed ctd's at a number of the Spatial Survey stations plus deployment of an underway data collecting system. For Physical Snapshots Surveys 3(PS03), 4(PSO4) & 5(PS05) only the underway system was deployed. From PS03 onwards data was collected by the underway system at nominally 0.5 and 1 m depths.

General Information