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###Introduction (TGA) is the National Register of Vocational Education and Training in Australia and contains authoritative information about Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) and the approved scope of each RTO to deliver NRT as required in national and jurisdictional legislation.

###TGA web-services overview
TGA has a web service available to allow external systems to access and utilise information stored in TGA through an external system. The TGA web service is exposed through a single interface and web service users are assigned a data reader role which will apply to all data stored in the TGA.

The web service can be broadly split into three categories:

  1. RTOs and other organisation types;

  2. Training components including Accredited courses, Accredited course Modules Training Packages, Qualifications, Skill Sets and Units of Competency;

  3. System metadata including static data and statistical classifications.

Users will gain access to the TGA web service by first passing a user name and password through to the web server. The web server will then authenticate the user against the TGA security provider before passing the request to the application that supplies the web services.

There are two web services environments:

1. Production - – National Register production web services

2. Sandbox - – National Register sandbox web services.

The National Register sandbox web service is used to test against the current version of the web services where the functionality will be identical to the current production release. The web service definition and schema of the National Register sandbox database will also be identical to that of production release at any given point in time. The National Register sandbox database will be cleared down at regular intervals and realigned with the National Register production environment.

Each environment has three configured services:

  1. Organisation Service;

  2. Training Component Service; and

  3. Classification Service.

###Sandbox environment access
To access the download area for web services, navigate to and use the below name and password:

Username: WebService.Read (case sensitive)

Password: Asdf098 (case sensitive)

This download area contains various versions of the following artefacts that you may find useful web service specification document; logical data model and definitions document;

• .NET web service SDK sample app (with source code);

• Java sample client (with source code);

• How to setup web service client in VS 2010 video; and

• Web services WSDL's and XSD's.

For the business areas, the specification/definition documents and the sample application is a good place to start while the IT areas will find the sample source code and the video useful to start developing against the TGA web services.

The web services Sandbox end point is:

###Production web service access
Once you are ready to access the production web service, please email the TGA team at to obtain a unique user name and password.

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