Dataset: Neonatal Mortality Ratio


Counting perinatal deaths - Various definitions are used for reporting and registering perinatal deaths in Australia. The National Perinatal Data Collection defines perinatal deaths as all fetal deaths (stillbirths) and neonatal deaths (deaths of liveborn babies aged less than 28 days) of at least 400 grams birthweight or at least 20 weeks’ gestation. Fetal and neonatal deaths may include late termination of pregnancy (20 weeks or more gestation). Perinatal and fetal death rates are calculated using all live births and stillbirths in the denominator. Neonatal death rates are calculated using live births only. Neonatal deaths may not be included for babies transferred to another hospital, re-admitted to hospital after discharge or who died at home after discharge. The AIHW has established a separate National Perinatal Mortality Data Collection to capture complete information on these deaths. The latest report is available from the AIHW website.

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