Dataset: Groundwater SDL Resource Units


This dataset defines the boundaries of the 80 groundwater SDL resource units in the Murray-Darling Basin described in Schedule 4 of the Basin Plan. These include 11 groundwater SDL resource units for deep groundwater that lie beneath the groundwater SDL resource units.
2 of the groundwater SDL resource units (GS17, GS41) have different boundaries in their surface expression and in deep groundwater and therefore are shown with both a Groundwater and Deep Groundwater extent.
In some areas, there are SDL resource units that overlap one another (eg: GS1). This occurs where SDLs have been set for discrete aquifers that overlie one another under the same area of land. These can be differentiated by the GWSDLName field and by suffix a, b, c etc.
There are areas of overlap between the groundwater and deep groundwater SDL resource units which need to be taken into account when viewing the data. These can be differentiated by the GWSDLType field.

General Information