Dataset: MBC Aquifer Hydrochemistry v01



This dataset was derived from provided by Geoscience Australia and the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mining. You can find a link to the source dataset in the Lineage Field in this metadata statement. The History Field in this metadata statement describes how this dataset was derived.

This dataset contains a set of feature classes containing GIS point data and attributes derived from tabular GAB_hydrochem_QCedforCSGwaters11mapNO_CONFIDENTIAL.xlsx

The feature classes are split up according to each bore assigned aquifer extent using ArcGIS GIS processes to produce point, contour and raster data surfaces.

Prior to being converted into GIS Feature Class, the source data had been through a quality assurance and validation process to ensure the reliability of chemistry sample values as well as to check the assigned aquifer formation for each bore.


This dataset was created to display groundwater chemistry information spatially for each individual aquifer in the Surat Basin subregion. Information may be displayed as point data, or interpolated to display as contour and raster surfaces.

Dataset History

This dataset was created by converting tabular bore data to GIS feature class point data.

The conversion was done using ArcCatalog.

For each Aquifer in the source dataset - GUID: 8e5cade2-c95a-45ec-9e6e-39b136d2b6d6 (sheets were split up by aquifer formation name) a new point Feature Class was created.

Using ArcGIS GIS processesand tools, these point feature classes were derived: pH, Alkalinity and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) for each aquifer extent.

These point feature classes were processed using ArcGIS tools to create pH, Alkalinity and TDS (Hydrochemistry) grids.

Contour feature class were derived from the grids.

The grids and contours were clipped to its own aquifer extent.

Dataset Citation

Bioregional Assessment Programme (XXXX) MBC Aquifer Hydrochemistry v01. Bioregional Assessment Derived Dataset. Viewed 11 April 2016,

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