Dataset: Geofabric Groundwater Cartography V2.1.1


The Geofabric Groundwater Cartography product is a first pass national groundwater dataset bringing together existing groundwater mapping by collating and integrating the 'best' available, Commonwealth, state and regional groundwater mapping datasets across Australia. Although there are gaps in the information every effort has been made to reduce or minimise inconsistencies and conflicts in overlapping and abutting data sets and in attribution and definitions of the input data sets. In generating the various national aquifer datasets an interim national groundwater framework has been developed to relate geological units and regional and state groundwater aquifer mapping units to a nationally consistent set of aquifers and aquitards. The purpose of this framework is to provide a transparent mapping of aquifers from geological units, state or regional groundwater aquifer mapping (where available) and the interim national product. Such an approach was necessary to resolve inconsistencies in aquifer naming and definition across State borders. This product contains five Geofabric feature types including: Aquifer Boundary, Aquifer Outcrop, Contour, Water Table Aquifer and Surficial Hydrogeology Unit). It also contains five Interim Groundwater (IGW) feature types including: IGW Aquifer Salinity, IGW Aquifer Yield, IGW Water Table Salinity, IGW Water Table Yield and Water Table Hydraulic Conductivity.

General Information