Dataset: River discharge into the Gippsland Lakes


River discharge data from 19 gauging stations were extracted from the Victorian Water Resources Data Warehouse. The extracted data has been compiled and processed to give concurrent observed flows, in hourly time step at the outlets of all the six major rivers associated with the Gippsland Lakes system. Continuous discharge data is provided for the outlets of the eastern (Tambo, Nicholson, Mitchell) and western rivers (Avon, Thomson/Macalister, Latrobe) from 1974 and 1977, respectively through to December 2000. The data was produced for use in the calibration of the Gippsland Lakes Flood Level Modelling Project (GLFLMP), and to re-construct historical water levels in the Gippsland Lakes. The processed hourly river discharge data for the six major rivers used in the GLFLMP are available as text files.

General Information