Dataset: Water Quality dataset, Great Barrier Reef


Each collection station is denoted by date, latitude and longitude. The data were sampled at several depths at each site: the number of samples was primarily, but not always, dependent on bottom-depth. A unique identifier has been assigned to each replicate.

Variables: depth, dissolved inorganic phosphate (DIP), silicate, ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN), dissolved organic carbon (DOC), temperature, salinity, particulate nitrogen (PN), particulate phosphorus (PP), particulate organic carbon (POC), zooplankton, total dissolved nitrogen (TDN), total dissolved phosphorus (TDP), Chlorophyll a, phaeophytin, Secchi disk. Weather information is recorded on swell and wind.

Information about the methods used are in the Data Quality section of this metadata record.

General Information