Dataset: Parent record: Datasets relating to core GC13, located in the Capricorn Channel at a depth of 1482 mbsl


Core GC13 (23o47' 30S 154o13' 56E) was collected from the Capricorn Channel at a depth of 1482 mbsl (metres below sea level). By investigating the properties and components of this core we are able to reveal some information about this hemi-pelagic sedimentary environment over the last glacial / interglacial cycle. Information obtained or inferred from the core include the isotopic composition of oxygen and carbon through time, an age vs. depth profile and the percentage of grainsize fractions throughout the core. X-ray Diffraction (XRD) analyses were also run on several samples from each core to determine changes in the carbonate mineralogy and terrestrial influx, which provided further palaeoclimatic information.

General Information