Dataset: RV Investigator Voyage IN2016_V03 CTD Data


This record describes the Conductivity-Temperature-Depth (CTD) data collected from the Marine National Facility RV Investigator voyage IN2016_V03, titled: "Monitoring Ocean Change and Variability along 170o W from the ice edge to the equator." The voyage took place between April 26 and June 30, 2016 departing from Hobart (TAS) and arriving in Lautoka (Fiji).

Data for 141 deployments were acquired using the Seabird SBE911 CTD 20, fitted with 36 twelve litre bottles on the rosette sampler. CSIRO supplied calibrations were applied to the temperature, conductivity, oxygen, and pressure data. The data were subjected to automated QC to remove spikes and out-of-range values.

The final conductivity calibration is based on multiple deployment groupings, due to sensor and deck box changes. Processing was performed on each unique sensor configuration in order to best account for the individual characteristics of each sensor. The final calibration from the primary sensor for casts 1-7 had a standard deviation (S.D) of 0.00088 PSU, a S.D of 0.00117 for casts 8-46, and S.D of 0.00114 for casts 47-141, well within our target of ‘better than 0.002 PSU’. The standard product of 1 dbar binned averaged were produced using data from the primary temperature and conductivity sensors, and the secondary Oxygen sensor.

Similarly, the dissolved oxygen data were calibrated in groups of deployments due to sensor changes. The agreement between the CTD and bottle data was good.
A Fluorometer, Transmissometer, and altimeter were also installed and logged on the auxiliary A/D channels of the CTD.

The collected data were subsequently processed and archived within the CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere (O&A) Information and Data Centre (IDC) in Hobart. Additional information regarding this dataset may be contained in the Voyage Summary and the CTD Data Processing Report.

General Information