Dataset: 2021 Traffic Calibration Model


Townsville City Council Maintains a traffic model for the entire city.

The model is called the Townsville Aimsun Integrated Model (TAIM).

The TAIM is a city-wide mesoscopic model and is Council’s primary planning tool for the analysis of proposed improvement options, upgrades, and interventions on the road network to support growth identified in the Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP).

The TAIM is calibrated annually against traffic signal information provided by the Department of Transport and Main Roads and provides detailed traffic flow information across the entire city for the calibration year and future year projections in 2026, 2031, 2036, 2041 and Full Development Scenario (FDS).

The following limitations apply to the 2021 TAIM Calibration Model data:

The TAIM is an imperfect representation of traffic information on the road network in the calibration year. The traffic model has been developed using Aimsun traffic modelling software and provides an interpretation of the traffic conditions limited by the modelling processes.

The model has been calibrated against traffic flow data recorded by vehicle detection equipment at 148 signalised intersections comprising 2175 detection counts, and 55 mid-block permanent traffic counter sites located across the city.

Townsville City Council accepts no responsibility for damages, if any, suffered by any party because of decisions or actions made based on data extracted from the model.

General Information