Dataset: Drainage and evapotranspiration for Gippsland in model layer 2



This dataset was supplied to the Bioregional Assessment Programme by a third party and is presented here as originally supplied. Metadata was not provided and has been compiled by the Bioregional Assessment Programme based on known details at the time of acquisition.

Active layer boundary conditions information presents the extent of the aquifer and the imposed boundary conditions (drain, evaporation and wells).

Drainage and evapotranspiration polygon layers used in the Gippsland groundwater model (Beverly etal 2015)


The purpose of the active boundary condition layer is to present the extent of the active area and location of boundary conditions assigned.

Dataset History

The information is based upon the active layer extent sourced from Gippsland Groundwater Model and the unconfined extents of aquifer where drain and evaporation boundary conditions are assigned. This is an original output of the Gippsland regional Groundwater Model and has been reused in the BAP.

Please contact the principal investigator. Further information may be found in the Gippsland Groundwater Model report (Beverly et al, 2015)

Dataset Citation

Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (2015) Drainage and evapotranspiration for Gippsland in model layer 2. Bioregional Assessment Source Dataset. Viewed 05 October 2018,

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