Dataset: NERP TE Project 7.1 Fire and rainforests (CSIRO)


Little is known about the impacts of fire on rainforest vegetation or the animals which depend on it. This project will investigate the positive and negative impacts of fire on rainforest vegetation and wildlife. In collaboration with NPRSR rangers, and where possible with local NGOs and Indigenous Rangers, we propose to establish vegetation and faunal monitoring sites across the rainforest/woodland boundaries and associated vegetation types in key areas of the Mission Beach, Tully lowlands and Hinchinbrook Channel areas to assess faunal and floral status and trends. This project will produce maps and assess the impact of fire in of areas of greatest concern, including littoral rainforest and coastal vine thickets and riparian forest. We will assess the impacts of Tropical Cyclone Yasi on mahogany glider habitat, levels of rainforest invasion, and impacts of fire on new vegetation.

General Information