Dataset: Pastoral Stations - ARC



This dataset and its metadata statement were supplied to the Bioregional Assessment Programme by a third party and are presented here as originally supplied.

This dataset gives the extents of South Australian pastoral lease stations and other properties within the pastoral region of SA. The extents of the properties shown are based on the areas being managed by the leasees and boundaries are defined by fence lines rather than legal lease boundaries. Fences and legal lease boundaries are frequently divergent.


This dataset will show the extents of South Australian pastoral lease stations within the pastoral region of SA.

Dataset History

Assessment/Inspection officers visit each station and drive around the property using a mobile device with GPS capability for field data entry including tracking and waypoints of features. The station owner/manager also contribute new information. Maps are often used to explain complex fencing changes. The GIS officer is responsible for adding the changes collected in the field into the database using ESRI ArcGIS software. Imagery and GoogleEarth are often used to verify data collected however often this is based on 2007 or older imagery.Linework is based on data captured from a variety of sources, some of which are not known.

Dataset Citation

SA Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (2015) Pastoral Stations - ARC. Bioregional Assessment Source Dataset. Viewed 26 May 2016,

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