Dataset: Determining the grainsize of sediment with increasing depth in core GC13, located in the Capricorn Channel


A gravity core (GC13) was collected from a depth of 1482 mbsl within the Capricorn Channel, southern Great Barrier Reef (GBR). Samples were separated into different size fractions to determine the % of each grainsize at each sample depth. Although not overly accurate, the information is correlated with analyses of other parameters to impart clues to the environmental changes within the core. The smallest size fraction (<100┬Ám) dominates at all depths. Peaks in the larger grainsize fractions correlate with pteropod accumulations in the sediment, especially in the lower half of the core at 260cm and 290cm. The absence of complete pteropods at the top of the core may be related to the fact that GC13 is presently situated below the aragonite lysocline. This suggests that the aragonite lysocline was probably deeper during the glacials.

General Information