Dataset: UV-absorbing pigments in eye tissues of fish from the Great Barrier Reef


Ocular tissues from 52 species (19 families) of tropical marine fish were examined for levels of UV-absorbing pigments in the spectral region 300-380 nm.

Specimens of mackerels, tuna and marlin were caught by surface trolling in Bowling Green and Upstart Bays; all other fish were caught by hand-line or spearfishing at Grub, Hunt and Marion Reefs. The eyes were removed and frozen immediately at -20°C. Lens ocular tissues were excised from defrosted samples, crushed and extracts formed by steeping in 5ml methanol. Visible-u.v. absorption spectra from these extracts were recorded. Solid protein biomass was determined from the solid tissue residues. Mycosporine-like amino acids (Asterina-330, palythene, palythine and palythinol) were separated and quantified (nmol/mg protein) using reverse-phase isocratic high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

The efficiency of methanol extraction

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