Dataset: Overview of the Department of Veterans' Affairs Claiming Channels


The Department of Human Services through Medicare assesses claims and makes payments to medical, hospital and allied health providers who treat eligible veterans, spouses and dependents, on behalf of the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA).

The Department of Human Services, Medicare and DVA promote electronic claiming as the primary way of doing business with the government. For health professionals, electronic claiming means faster payment times, paperless lodgement of claims, faster reconciliation and more efficient confirmation of patient details. It also means lower administrative costs for the government.

** Overview of the Department of Veterans' Affairs Claiming Channels dataset**

This dataset provides information on the channels used by allied health, medical and hospital providers, to lodge DVA claims for processing by Medicare. The dataset includes details on the volume of services processed via a particular channel and the value of the benefit paid. Further information on the dataset may be found in the metadata accompanying the dataset.

Data is provided in the following formats:

If you require statistics at a more detailed level, please contact detailing your request. The Department of Human Services charges on a cost recovery basis for providing more detailed statistics and their provision is subject to privacy considerations.

The [Department of Veterans’ Affairs] ( website contains statistical information regarding the veteran population that may be accessed by the public.

Disclaimer: This data is provided by the Department of Human Services (Human Services) for general information purposes only. While Human Services has taken care to ensure the information is as correct and accurate as possible, we do not guarantee, or accept legal liability whatsoever arising from, or connected to its use.
We recommend that users exercise their own skill and care with respect to the use of this data and that users carefully evaluate the accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance of the data for their needs.

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