Dataset: Rottnest Island Current Meter and ADCP (Mooring) Data 2000 - 2001


Provisional Abstract pending aquisition of moer detailed information. This dataset comprises the moored ADCP and current meter data collected. "The record (in the water) goes from 1430 13 November 2000 to 27 November 2001. The records were taken on the half hour. About 2 dozen samples were missed by the instrument during the year. The bin size was 4 m and the instrument was near the bottom. It also measured temperature." off Rottnest Island, Western Australia between November 2000 - November 2001 as part of the CSIRO Division of Marine Research ?? study. Parameters recorded comprise east-west and north-south velocity components, water temperature, pressure. Information provided by Dr George Cresswel (CSIRO).

General Information