Dataset: WAMSI Node 4.2.2a - Establishment of indicators for ecosystem based fisheries management - Fish assemblages


There were four key objectives for WAMSI Node 4.2.2a:
(1) determination of indicator regions;
(2) development of monitoring strategies;
(3) Implement a long term monitoring program (LTMP); and
(4) provision of an assessment of expanding the LTMP to other areas.

Indicator regions were confirmed as the Abrolhos Islands, Two Rocks, Rottnest Island, and the Cape Naturaliste region. A synthesis of historical data sets for primary producers, sessile and mobile invertebrates and finfish were collected from the indicators region and an extensive review of potential indicators for finfish was also conducted

The LTMP was implemented in April, May and June 2010. Sampling was conducted using baited remote underwater stereo-video to record the diversity, abundance and size-structure of the demersal fish assemblage.

Raw video along with the processed data of MaxN and length of fish species were the data outcomes.

Within each location, sampling was targeted to habitats where previous studies have found to be representative of both fished and non-target species of the demersal fish assemblage.

General Information