Dataset: CMAR Data Centre Data Trawler


The Data Trawler is a Java application that has been developed under the auspices of the North West Shelf Joint Environmental Management Project (NWS JEMS) and the CMAR Data Centre. This application provides on-line access to the data in the Data Warehouse, an Oracle data repository. See MarLIN record 6390 for details of the Warehouse. The Trawler's primary functions are to allow users to: Discover - Discover data of interest using geographic, temporal and data category search criteria. Investigate - View a brief summary of any data sets returned which meet the search criteria and display their spatial distribution. Download - Place desired datasets into a data "shopping basket" and then download them to your local computer. To get the full benefit out of using the application a user is required to provide an email address (a logon) and a password. If you are not a CMR staff member or other authorised user you will be allowed access to the Warehouse as a "Public User". Public users have only limited access to Warehouse content. See the Data Link to access the CMR Data Trawler.

General Information