Dataset: MBC Potentially affected watercourses



The dataset was derived by the Bioregional Assessment Programme from the Geofabric networked streams datasets. The source dataset is identified in the Lineage field in this metadata statement. The processes undertaken to produce this derived dataset are described in the History field in this metadata statement.

The Geofabric GIS toolbox was used to trace streams upstream and down stream of the mine tenements. Streams were traced from baseline CSG, baseline coal and CRDP tenements.

The tenement boundary's are polygons - shapefiles labeled upstream are upstream of the tenements, downstream are downstream of the tenements and intermediate are inside the tenement boundaries and could be either upstream or downstream of actual mines.


This data set was created to identify streams that may be impacted by the mining

Dataset History

The Geofabric tools were used to trace the geofabric networked streams up and down from the CSG mine tenements, the coal tenements and the CRDP. Those inside of the tenements were identified as intermediate (as they could be upstream of one edge of the tenement and downstream of the opposite edge)

Dataset Citation

Bioregional Assessment Programme (2015) MBC Potentially affected watercourses. Bioregional Assessment Derived Dataset. Viewed 25 October 2017,

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