Dataset: Farms with significant degradation problems (irrigation salinity), 1998-1999


This data relates to the proportion of farms who experienced significant
irrigation salinity problems in the period 1998-1999. Proportion of farms with
significant irrigation salinity problems is reported at the Statistical
Division (SD) level for Australia. This data relates to broadacre and dairy
farms run by owner managers. The data was collected by Resource Management
Supplementary (RMS) survey interview which accompanied the ABARE Annual farm
survey in 1998-1999.The data is presented at a scale of 25000000. Projection
-P Albers Equal-Area Conic -D WGS84 -m 132 -o 0 -p -18 -p -36 -e 0 -n 0The
following attributes are contained within the dataset; Sd code a a unique 3
digit code for Statistical Divisions (SD), Sd name a the name of the
Statistical Division (SD),Irrig_sal- the proportion of farmers who experienced
problems in 1998-1999.Ag_land_ha a hectares of agricultural land use in the
Statistical Division (SD).Note that metropolitan areas are assigned a value of
-99999, whilst areas with no data are assigned a value of -88888.

See [further metadata](
__01111a00.xml) for more detail.

General Information