Dataset: APS Digital Career Pathways


Alpha release 2.0

The APS Digital Career Pathways dataset contains the role definitions for typical roles in the Australian Public Service (APS). You can use these definitions to determine potential career pathways and identify skills gaps in digital disciplines in the APS.

We’ve defined roles according to the skills —using SFIA and other skills frameworks where relevant, knowledge — using a simple magnitude scale, and behaviors — using the APS Work Level Standards. Additional details include:

We may define roles as typical APS roles, which are not specific to any agency, or as agency-specific roles. Agencies can include their role definitions in this dataset by sending their definitions to the contact email below.

Please send requests to change or augment any of this data to the contact email below. We may consult with our community before including them.

This dataset includes the full SFIA framework, reproduced and made available through the API with permission of the SFIA Foundation. Conditions of use apply to the SFIA framework, though it is generally free for personal and internal usage. The Australian Government has a license covering usage across Commonwealth agencies. Please consult the SFIA Foundation for details relating to other usage of SFIA.

This is an alpha release. The content and structure of this data may change in future releases.

General Information