Dataset: Petrel Sub-basin Marine Survey (GA-0335 / SOL5463) (NLECI Program) - Ecology / Infaunal morphospecies identifications


The Petrel Sub-basin Marine Survey GA-0335 (SOL5463) was undertaken by the RV Solander during May 2012 as part of the Commonwealth Government's National Low Emission Coal Initiative (NLECI). The survey was a collaboration between the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) and GA. The purpose was to acquire geophysical and biophysical data on shallow (less then 100m water depth) seabed environments within two targeted areas in the Petrel Sub-basin to support investigation for CO2 storage potential in these areas.

This dataset contains identifications of animals collected from 21 Smith-McIntyre grabs deployed during GA-334. Biological specimens were collected from Smith-McIntyre grabs. Sediment was elutriated for ~ 5 minutes over a 500um sieve. Retained sediments and animals were then preserved in 70% ethanol for later laboratory sorting and identification (see 'lineage'). The dataset is current as of November 2012, but will be updated as taxonomic experts contribute.

Stations are named XXGRYY where XX indicates the station number, GR indicates Smith-Mac grab, and YY indicates the sequence of grabs deployed (i.e. the YYth grab on the entire survey).

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